Randall Morris’ 1930 Coupe

My name is Randall Morris, I was born in 1976 in Whittier, California. A year or two after I was born, my dad, Don Morris, bought his Model A. From the time I was a young boy, I always loved going for rides with my dad in the “old car” or with my grandfather, in his A 400. As I got older I got to enjoy the rumble seat with our family dog or my siblings. In 1984, during an afternoon ride with my dad, the model A caught fire. Luckily, for her, we had a fire extinguisher on board and we saved her. At the time, she was painted a Willy Wonka blue with a host of after market parts (probably why she caught fire). After the fire, my dad repainted her green and did some basic engine restoration. As a teenager, she was the first car I learned to drive (manual transmission) and I felt very privileged.

After leaving for college, the model A got very little use. I would often drive her on visits home, but the salt air of Laguna Beach, and lack of upkeep, took its toll. It was clear to me that she needed some TLC. In 2010, my dad and mom decided they needed more room in their garage and offered it to me, knowing how much I always loved her. A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to try to restore her. With the help of an enthusiastic friend, we decided to embark on the project. Initially, it was easy, taking her apart that is. In fact, we did it in record time but as time went on, and commitments increased, it was difficult finding the time to get the work done. After many months of sitting engineless in the garage, my wife suggested finding someone to finish the job.

After searching the internet, I was lucky enough to find the Capo Valley A’s and meet Bob Burdick. Bob has been instrumental in helping me put my model A back together. In fact, today she’s in better shape than ever and much easier to drive I might add. I’ve enjoyed taking my own children and their lizard, Gary for rides. They love the rumble seat just like I did as a kid. I also look forward to taking her out for the annual holiday parade in Laguna Niguel.

Thank you Bob, Tom & Dave for helping me put her back together properly.

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